iFISH PAA (paddlewheel aerator anomaly alert )

  • 適用行業:agriculture、Voltage monitoring, current monitoring, early warning, alarm
  • A good helper to master the condition of water wheel.
    Can be a multi - station management, so that you know whether each paddlewheel aerator has normal operation at any time.


220V 380V 440V Three-phase electrical power
1-2 horsepower paddlewheel aerator
The electrical cabinet varies slightly according to the requirements.
4G dialing notification
LINE notification can be set.
GSM phones can notify six people.


IFISH paddlewheel aerator alarm system can immediately issue abnormal alarm (portable mobile communication device and reminder method, invention no. I574229 patent) when the water truck is abnormal, and immediately notify the owner to avoid irreparable loss caused by the water truck's stopping oxygenation.
Each set can monitor 10 water truck circuits (customized according to demand)
Abnormal location is shown in the cloud.
LINE notification can be set.
Power abnormal notification.
Remote current monitoring (optional)
Remote current upper and lower limit alarm setting (optional)


1.The customer shall provide wired network or 4G network card.
2. The cloud fee is charged every month, the basic fee is NT $300  per month, and the capacity is 5GB.
3.GSM sending alarm function, GSM SIM card must be provided by the customer.
4.Customization production, Please provide the requirements in full.
5.Water quality sensing function can be expanded.
6.Remote feeding control function can be expanded.


1.The product is recommended to be placed indoors in a well-ventilated space. If no indoor space is available, a high-cost electric control cabinet with higher protection level will be used to protect the equipment, so as to maintain the durability of the equipment.
2. The amount of electricity saved is the reference value. The actual amount of electricity saved is determined by the actual use condition, because the design, blade and farming method of each water truck motor are different.

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